Medicine Park Public Works Authority


Public Works Authority

Meeting Notice

Minutes of Last Meeting


Phone: 580-529-2825


154 East Lake Drive, Medicine Park, OK  73557

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-4pm​

Water bills can also be dropped in the drop off box located in front of Town Hall.

Click here for information about online and phone payments.

Click here for 2018 Consumer Confidence Report for Water..

Town Officials

PWA Liasons: 
Jennifer Ellis
John Branch

PWA Supervisor:
Billy Chandler

PWA Assistant:
Jimmy Roberts

PWA Clerk: 
Sabine Ruesga

The PWA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm at Town Hall. 

Municipal Judge:
Candace Morris

Town Clerk:
Kirsten Sellens

Treasuer/Court Clerk:
Leigh Gurr

Deputy Town Clerk:
Keila Milam

Town Archivist:
Lee Sabine

Public Works Information


You can now make payments online for your water/sewer/trash bill:

Phone payments- 877-717-4656. Tell the agent that you are making a payment for utility.

ACH is now available-please come to Town Hall to fill out application.

Accounts’ Costs:

Types of accounts & deposit amount are:

Water / Sewer / Trash $175.00 (Deposit $150.00 / service fee $25.00)

Water / Trash ONLY (Woodlands on Septic) $175.00 (Deposit $150.00 /service fee $25.00)

Sewer / Trash (Rural Water) $100.00 (Deposit $75.00 / service fee $25.00)

Commercial Accounts $175.00 (Deposit $150.00 / service fee $25.00)  

Yard Water $175.00 (Deposit $150.00 / service fee $25.00)

Trash Service (via MCSA)

Trash for Town of Medicine Park pick up service starts at 7:00am Monday.

Trash for Big Rock pick up service starts at 7:00 am Thursday.

Dumpsters with two times weekly pick up are emptied Monday and Thursday.

Holidays Observed by MCSA are:

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year! Holidays that fall on Monday will be picked up on Tuesday. Thanksgiving Day (Big Rock/Dumpsters) will be picked up the prior Wednesday and all other holidays will be announced by postings at the Post Office Bulletin Board and Town Hall as soon as alternate dates are available from MCSA.

Inclement Weather day will not have an alternate pick up date until the next weekly pick up.

Additional services offered through MCSA are the option to haul tree limbs and scrap metal to the Transfer Station located 2 miles east of Fletcher at 15256 NE North Drive, Fletcher OK. Business hours are Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4:30 pm and 8 am – 12 pm, the 1st Saturday of each month. Point of Contact is Mary Hulsey @ 580-549-6717.

Do’s and Don’ts of Residential Sewer

Many blockages in the sewer system are caused by grease. Please support the Town’s grease elimination efforts. You, as a citizen of Medicine Park, can help by disposing of grease properly. It must never be poured down the drain. Place it in a container with paper items that will absorb the grease, put a lid on it, and place it in the trash.

When you pour oil or grease down sinks, tubs, toilet or storm drains, they end up in Oklahoma’s lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, most importantly in our sewer lagoon.

Put spent household cooking oil or grease in covered jar or can with lid and dispose of in the trash.

Don’t Trash Your Sewers!!

Put all solid and liquid food, including dairy products, milk shake syrups, batters and gravy into trash or recycling bin.

Scrape food from plates and utensils into trash or recycling bin before washing or placing in dishwasher.

Always use sink basket strainers to collect food waste.

Collect and empty grill scrapings & fryer vat grease in grease recycling container.

Never put food or liquid food down the sink.

Never pour grease or food drippings down the sink.

Never use sink when cleaning grease.

Never pour anything down your outside storm sewer.

Never flush diapers, sanitary pads, tampons, paper towels, sanitary wipes, baby wipes, hand-wipes or clothing into the sewer system.

Improper waste management costs money-your money! You pay in higher consumer prices, taxes for environmental cleanups when wastes are improperly managed.